This course is designed for practitioners who wish to learn the practical aspects of Bioresonance Diagnostics and Therapy using the DETA ELIS PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA.

The course comes with a full set of videos demonstrating the full use of the PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA, as well as learning how to programme the DEVITA AP and DEVITA RITM.

The full course is taught by Dr George Georgiou, Ph.D.,D.Sc (AM).,N.D., a certified Bioresonance practitioner and trainer, will take you through VRT bioresonance testing, as well as how to use the PROFESSIONAL for diagnosing the pathogenesis of disease, as well as using the various forms of therapy including Bioresonance, Quantum light, Electromagnetic therapy, Electroacupuncture and a combination of these in what is known as Complex Therapy.

All these diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are clearly explained and demonstrated on video. 

The course also includes all the downloadable manuals for the PROFESSIONAL and PHARMA, as well as many other useful downloads explaining the whole gamut of Bioresonance diagnostics and therapy.