These courses are for the Bachelors in Naturopathy and Holistic Medicine, Second Year, First Trimester

Pharmacology is the study of substances that interact with living systems through chemical processes, especially by binding to regulatory molecules and activating or inhibiting normal body processes.

This course consists of 16 interesting videos that covers the gamut of pharmacology from pharmacokinetics, cholinergic drugs, neuron action potential, anticholinergic and neuromuscular blocking agents, Adrenergic Receptors and Agonists and more.

It also covers some of the major drugs used and their actions on the body.

This is a solid grounding in homeopathy with many useful gems for ‘short-cutting’ the process – includes classical and complex approaches, as well as homotoxicology.

The complete course consists of 14 Lessons with over 900 pages of reading material all downloadable .pdf files that can be stored on your hard drive and reviewed even on your travels.

Also included are videos of documentaries and lectures on various aspects of homeopathy.

This course is designed for the practitioner who wants to understand Western Herbal Medicine.

You will learn the basic theory, pharmacognosy, therapeutic constituents in herbs, preparation of herbal formulas, prescribing and dosages, curative herbs for many diseases.

In addition, you will be able to share in tried and tested formulas that have been used successfully in clinical practice over many years.

There are many downloadable files and videos to facilitate the learning process, including a series of old botanical medicine books that are over 100 years old - very fascinating!